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My guess at the number of Linux users:
Eleven million
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Here you can get yourself and your computer counted among the Linux users. By filling out the Web form below, you can help give the world an idea of where and how much Linux is used.

There's a Portugese version of this page out there, maintained by Carlos Magno F. Silva <>

There exist some more specialized counters, like the Linux/68k page that focuses on the Motorola 680x0 ports of Linux (Amigas and Ataris).

The most interesting recent one is the IOS++ Counter, an attempt to classify Web, FTP and News servers by their operating system using QUESO to determine the OS running.
Another is the OS Counter, which is "dedicated to finding out who runs what, where, and how much they like it" - in May 1999, it showed Amiga as the most used OS.

This is, however, the one that lets all kinds of Linux users register themselves, and only focuses on Linux.
The current counts are listed here.
Have fun with it and thanks for registering,

There is a "linux-counter-interest" mailing list. Send mail to with "subscribe" in the BODY of the message to subscribe.

Harald Tveit Alvestrand

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