Charter for the IPv6MIB Design Team
The SNMP and IPv6 communities have expressed a need for a common method of defining and using IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in MIBs. Many MIBs currently use the IpAddress SYNTAX, which is IPv4-specific. There is concern that use of this SYNTAX may inadvertantly exclude implementations for IPv6.

In order to get this work done rapidly and thoroughly, the O&M and Internet ADs have asked a small team to carry out the following work:

The team consists of (Juergen has joined recently):

A special mailing list has been created for generic/common MIB related discussions, To subscribe, send email to with the word subscribe in the body. The mailing lists archives will be at*

The original work plan was:

For whatever reasons, that plan turned out to be too aggressive. The current work plan is:

With the assistance of the IETF community, we should be able to finish this work in the proposed time frame.

Bert Wijnen
IETF Area Director, Operations and Management

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